Jesús Carles De Vilallonga

5x6.5” // 12,70x16,51 CM

Tempera / Board

11.75X15.9'' // 29.85X40.39 CM

Tempera / Board

10.5X8.5'' // 26.67X21.59 CM


15.75x11.75” // 40,01x29,85 CM

Tempera / Board

40x30’’ // 101.60x76.20 CM

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Jesús Carles de Villalonga, a great surrealist artist

Artist painter, muralist, sculptor and graphic designer of imaginary subjects, Jesús Carles de Villalonga was born in Catalonia, Spain in 1927 (died in 2018). In 1971, the University of Montreal Vilallonga commissioned to paint a mural at the entrance to the law faculty. Since then, he has painted murals and frescoes across Canada and Spain. International painter, his oils, watercolours, ink, mixed and technical drawings, reveal a dreamer dimension, imaginative and visionary who baffles us and surprises us. Works of art of Jesús Carles de Villalonga will be the object of several exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe.

A painting with imaginary subjects

“Catalan of origin, Jesus Villalonga nevertheless marked Canadian painting. He moved to Canada in 1955 and, since 1958, had regularly exhibits at the Dominion Gallery, one of the most important galleries in the country, until it closed in 2000. On his arrival in Montreal, it is the abstraction which dominates. Nevertheless, he remains faithful to figuration. A figuration which he approaches in a very personal way and particularly inspired by surrealism. Painted with great delicacy, each painting takes us into a world where the character is presented in a symbolism applied both sensual and mechanical… His contribution to our painting is considerable. ” Robert Bernier

The works of Jesús Carles de Vilallonga are among several major museum collections, private and public, such as: Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, Montreal Contemporary Art Museum, National Library of Paris, Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporáno Madrid, Deutsches Fleichermuseum Stuttgart Art Gallery of London, Ontario, Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY, Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Museum Omar Rayo, etc.