Serge Brunoni

20x24” // 50,80x60,96 CM

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Serge Brunoni, a great artist and Quebec painter

Serge Brunoni is a Quebec painter, born in Ligny-en-Barrois, France, September 3, 1938 (died February 19, 2020). He arrived in Quebec in August 1963 and settled in Trois-Rivières. This great painter is recognized by his joie de vivre, his availability and his respect for his art lovers and his generosity through his humanitarian commitment.

Self-taught, he became a professional painter in 1972. In his works, his themes relate to man in isolation of nature (through his scenes of hunting, fishing, trapping, his marines, etc.) the city (by street scenes, walks, its urban landscapes of Montreal, Old Quebec and rue des Ursulines in Trois-Rivières that show people busy with activities) and the train that links the need for man to isolate himself in nature and are experienced in his urban environment. “We always take a train somewhere …” “What I seek to do is evoke an emotion in time. In a way, my paintings are like trains that take people on a trip. I’m just selling them a ticket. ” Serge Brunoni

A painter inspired by Quebec

This great explorer makes us travel throughout Quebec in the most enchanting places of wilderness, the great outdoors (canoe ride, sleigh ride, camp, fishermen, trappers and hunters mostly accompanied by their companion dogs, etc.), as well as in the privacy of the streets of its cities or by transporting us by magic in different seasons as did René Richard, Miyuki Tanobe, Paul Tex Lecor and many other famous artists such as the Group of Seven. “Nature is there to complement humans. I paint people doing their activities, I love to communicate through them.” Serge Brunoni

Serge Brunoni  uses his canvases to relive his moments of “joie de vivre” that we experienced at different times in our lives. Its urban landscapes, in the snow or the rain and its characters wearing hats and scarves often accompanied by their dog make us rediscover every corner of its main streets (rue Buade, du Trésor, Ste-Anne, St-Louis, St- Jean, St-Paul, de la Montagne, Sherbrooke, Marquette, Ste-Catherine, Berri, Notre-Dame, Norbert, etc.), buildings and public places (Vieux-Québec, Vieux-Montréal, Places d’Armes, Porte-St -Jean, Porte St-Louis, etc.) which made Quebec famous. He is also known for his still lifes. Serge Brunoni is a multi-colored acrylic painter. His mastery of his rich colors, the harmony of all of his colors always finds a balance with white, shades of gray, blue, yellow, green, red, brown, black which takes us into his wonderful universe which is sharing between abstraction and figurative.

“To paint! It is to measure oneself … And to measure oneself is the most relentless of confrontations! “

“Nature is made to complement humans. I paint people doing their activities, I love to communicate through them.”

“To paint is to run after the impossible. “

“I believe in communication,” he says. Being with the world is happiness in itself, and that’s enough for me. My paintings humbly represent the adventure of life. “

“The truth of Art, if there is one, can only be approached by spontaneity and creative imagination, combined with solid modesty. I want to show who I am, how I am, through a work of art whose meaning I will share with its contemplators, an operation that I wish to be beneficial, insofar as, whenever we communicate with someone, it is for mutual enrichment: old law of loneliness!” Serge Brunoni

Quebec painter, Serge Brunoni’s works can be found in several public and private collections in Canada, the United States, Asia and Europe.