Guy-Anne Massicotte

24X24" // 60,96X60,96 CM

48X36" // 121,92X91,44 CM
(Not framed)

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Guy-Anne Massicotte, an artist of contemporary realistic painting

Guy-Anne Massicotte was born in 1968 in Nicolet (Quebec). She studied drawing, photography, painting, sculpture and art history at the University of Sherbrooke and Bishop’s, but considers herself primarily self taught in oil techniques. She studied rigorously, with support of specialized works, the painter’s profession in every detail. The pratical application of these writings as well as thecareful observation of works of Masters such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Dali, Bougureau and many realistic old realistic and contemporary painters enabled her to create a unique, very personal technique and unique painting making possible an exceptionally refined and nuanced performance. The work of Guy-Anne Massicotte is part of the Movement of Contemporary Realist Painting at the International level through her participation in numerous competitions and events.

A search for dynamic balance and harmony

Constantly evolving, her work visits the traditional three poles of realism still life, interior and exterior scenes and the human figure. The natural elements, mineral or organic living beings, are found in all the compositions demonstrating the importance of our connection to the earth, our animal side that does not disappear with all the technologies in which we swim … Our essence is related to earth, whatever we do. Although the starting point of a work is in the observation of reality, the artist is convinced that the only way to get a “living” picture in realism is to consider it as an abstraction; that is to say see the different elements as a set of coherent forms, find a unifying harmony in colors and values nd then use the brush stroke for its own richness thus creating a variety of refined textures. Each composition is a dynamic search of balance and harmony. “Often one tells me that when we are in the presence of one of my works, we feel physically the painted subject …” It is the ultimate goal!

Guy-Anne Massicotte’s works are found in many private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and in the important Collection Loto-Québec. Her works have appeared in the Magazine Parcours and in theInternational Artist Magazine. Member of the International Guild of Realism, she was selected for several exhibitions and national and major International competitions: The Femmeuses, Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, International Artist Challenge, International Exhibition of Art Renewal Center (Glenham, New York), national Competition of painting of Baie-Saint-Paul paint, the International exhibition FLORAL ART BLOSSOM ~ II the Naples Museum of Art in Florida, the International Guild of Realism, Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, etc.