Louise Scott

24x19” // 60,96x48,26 CM

32x30" // 81,28x76,20 CM

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Louise Scott, a color artist

Canadian painter Louise Scott was born in New York in 1936 (and died in 2007). She studied at the School of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the Salzburg Scholl of Art, Austria. She taught at Sir George Williams University (Concordia University of Montreal).
The color and luminosity of the artist’s paintings are omnipresent in Louise Scott’s canvases: “I love color and light and I try to produce images that are beautiful. There is no deeper meaning to all of this.”

A painting inspired by a mystical character

Louise Scott has a great technical mastery, an attention to research and detail. She mainly uses pastel on paper, oil paint and occasionally watercolor. She also produced serigraphs and etchings. Her enigmatic, often medieval figures are dressed in lavish costumes rich in color in magical settings juxtaposing East with West.
Quebec painter Louise Scott’s paintings are part of many public collections (such as the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec in Québec City, the Contemporary Art Museum in Montreal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, etc.) and private (such as CIL, La Laurentienne, Montreal Trust, etc.) in Canada, the United States and around the world.