Madeleine Lemire

24X24" // 60,96X60,96 CM

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Madeleine Lemire, an artist and contemporary painter

Painter, Madeleine Lemire was born in Oka in 1940. She earned a BA in education from the University of Sherbrooke and studied at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, at the Academy of Arts in Montreal and Saidye Bronfman Centre . Her paintings of floral nature and her landscapes are full of colour and movement.

A floral painting

” Madeleine Lemire, for many years, painted floral nature. Particularly stripped works who spoke with a palette of pure colours. For ten years, this is the landscape that inspires her. Whatever the topic, however, her approach still calls for exceptional freedom of treatment where fawn colour becomes the real reason. ” Robert Bernier

Her works are in many public and private collections in Quebec, Canada and abroad.


Madeleine Lemire (1940)

Is it correct to say that Madeleine Lemire is a painter of a single subject? Certainly, she has expressed herself for several years already, mainly through floral nature. Huge flowers, close-up. A single subject, undeniable observation, but subject to a wide variety of treatments. It would be wrong, therefore, to conclude that the artist suffers from a lack of inspiration. On the contrary, Madeleine Lemire is often daring in her approach, not hesitating to push the suggestion very far. Some of her recent paintings are even, in their plastic treatment, purified to the limit of the recognizable. Her touch is simply magnificent. Sometimes it feels like an aerial ballet, a waltz in space. Throughout her work, Madeleine Lemire clearly expresses her attachment to her subject, of which she seems to have a deep knowledge. Her paintings remain as much territory oscillating between illustration, suggestion and plastic freedom, that which frees the painter from her subject. This amalgamation of characteristics can be perceived as a reluctance on her part to push, even to push back the limits of representation, but it is precisely this duality that makes the richness of the artist and her work, her singularity in the community of painters who approach the theme of floral nature. 

Source : Robert Bernier, La peinture au Québec depuis les années 1960, Les Éditions de l’Homme, 2002, Lemire Madeleine Lemire (1940), page 320.