Marcel Favreau

12X16" // 30,48X40,64 CM

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Marcel Favreau, an artist and Canadian figurative painter

Figurative painter, Marcel Favreau was born in Montreal on August 24, 1921. At the age of sixteen, he began studying at the National Monument. The following year, he was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal from 1938 to 1940. His choice of colours is a master in the art of painting trees he particularly likes. “I often work on the basis canvas; sometimes I start immediately to work on white with colour. To me painting is essentially drawing with a brush, as a result, my sketch will often be a cameo. I like to work this way. This allows me to establish my values, to utilize areas of light and shadow followed by the addition of colours, one layer after another. Most of the time, I paint on the white base. Rarely on a prepared base. But sometimes I wish to alter the grain of the canvas. I will often treat it with a glaze to heighten the effect of the shadows and further enhance the light. “

A landscape painting

“Landscape painter at heart, Marcel Favreau is a painter faithful to the tradition, and that, both in terms of the manner, the style that the representation of the subject in the rectangle. He paints moreover on the motive of most of his works, which explains this contact so special offered each of his paintings.” Robert Bernier

Quebec painter artist, we find the figurative works of Marcel Favreau in numerous private collections.