Marcelle Bonenfant-dubé

Marcelle Bonenfant-Dubé

Canadian artist painter Marcelle Bonenfant-Dubé was born in Boules in 1938. Her oil paintings, acrylic paintings and mixed media mainly relate to history, archeology and music. “My inspiration comes from music. I search for the colour, the rhythm, the energy, which is equivalent to the emotion felt, to the colour, to the sonority, to the magnitude of a particular symphonic movement.

“Marcelle Bonenfant-Dubé’s painting is expressed both through mythology, symbolism and even wall art (the cave of Lascaux). An inspiration which she translates in a very personal way, as if the gesture inscribed on the canvas were the delicate impression of an inner feeling, spontaneous and light. Her painting is more evocative than descriptive. Like the trace of a distant memory for time immemorial with its source in the genesis of the memory of mankind. Her topics range from music and orchestra to the human body, as well as animals, but are always treated in a very suggestive way.” Robert Bernier

Quebec artist painter Marcelle Bonenfant-Dubé’s works are found in many private and public collections.