Gilles Bédard

30X36" // 76,2X91,44 CM

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Gilles Bédard, an impressionist artist

Canadian painter, Gilles Bédard was born in Quebec in 1954. Self-taught, he explored different techniques such as pastels (with which he began portraits), oil painting, and finally acrylic painting, medium which serves well the spontaneity of his current approach. Light in all its forms is omnipresent in the paintings of Gilles Bédard.

“Rural landscapist, Gilles Bédard declines nature with harmonies of shimmering colours punctuated by pure tones. Privileging spectacular and plunging prospects, his very in-depth landscapes are offered to the glance of the spectator with generosity and pleasure, with shapes that combine splendor and beauty.” Robert Bernier

A Quebec impressionist painter

Gilles Bédard is known for his dazzling figurative landscapes of colours, brushed with a whimsical and impressionistic touch and full of joie de vivre. He works by succession of colours, by masses literally thrown on the surface, which gives relief to his works. The sketches are afterward scraped, brushed and superimposed to highlight the main subjects. Painting for him is not only an immense pleasure, but a vital need: “I see my art as a cry from the heart, like the spontaneous release of all I feel inside of me. I love the freedom that brings me to create, and I could not live, as do many others in the dull constraints of everyday life”.

The Quebec artist’s paintings are part of many public and private collections.