Taillon, Nicole


BRONZE 17.3(18)” // 44 CM (45.72CM)


BRONZE 17.3(18)” // 44 CM (45.72CM)


24KT GOLD-PLATED BRONZE – III/XXI 9.5 (10.2)” // 24 CM (26 CM)


BRONZE 20.5(21.3)” // 52 CM (54 CM)

Nicole Taillon, a bronze sculptor artist from Quebec

Nicole Taillon is a Quebec bronze sculptor born April 12, 1955 in Sainte-Monique. She first practiced painting, then screen printing before devoting herself to sculpture in the early 1980s.

Artist of international renown, her sculptures represent slender, aerial, mythical characters: saltimbanque, sorcerers, ballerina, skater, nymphs, dwarf, pegasus, polichinelle, minstrel, harlequin, pierrot, messenger, animals, etc. Her characters (such as Welcome! Arguments for a Java, Horses of Lake Ladoga, Sherdard, The Sea Julien et Nadine, The Twins, The Annunciation, Trumpets of Jericho, Aquarius, The Gypsy, Cassiopela, The Scorpion, The Messenger, The Graces, Thanks, The Spring, etc.) always seem to be moving, they are full of life, they are often accompanied by bright colors, be it blue, black, turquoise, gold, bronze which takes us into her wonderful world of imagination. As soon as it is added to your home, nobody will be able to ignore the value of these sculptures which will brighten up your home and the passion which it releases.

An artist passionate about movement

Nicole Taillon is the author of several monumental private and public installations across Canada, the United States and Europe, as well her collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.You can admire sculptures by Nicole Taillon in Old Quebec, Le Grand Bienvenue (a work representing a king’s fool was removed from its usual location, in front of the Caisse Desjardins, in 2017), in Magog (along the bike path and pedestrian path, near Cabana Point) and in West Palm Beach, Florida, Le Guerrier Magnifique.

“Nicole Taillon’s sculptures are easily recognizable. Her pieces represent human, animal, or in-between forms, inspired by mythology and astrology. Her bronze creatures move in space with expressive and exaggerated gestures, in a perceptible tension where balance is never acquired. “
“Her favorite material is bronze, but other materials such as stone, quartz or glass are sometimes added to the mix, thus offering textures filled with possibilities. For some time now, the artist has added an element of jewelry to her pieces, with gold and silver plating (she uses, among other things, twenty-four carat gold leaf). This new technique brings both a coloring effect to the sculpture and an additional preciousness that resembles that of a jewel.” “Luxury Magazine, January 2011, Nicole Taillon: Le succès retentissant d’une sculpteure de bronze»

Nicole Taillon’s sculptures can be found in several public and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.


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