Hyun, Jou Lee


MIX MEDIA/CANVAS 40X48″ // 101,6X121,92 CM


MIX MEDIA/CANVAS 36X48″ // 91,44X121,92 CM


MIX MEDIA/CANVAS , 2007 36X36″ // 91,44X91,44 CM


MIX MEDIA/CANVAS 47X44″ // 119,38X111,76 CM

Jou Lee Hyun, a contemporary artist

Painter, Hyun Jou Lee was born in Korea in 1965. Jou Lee studied visual arts at Ewha Women’s University in Seoul. Her curiosity led her to Montreal in 1994 where she continued her art studies at the School of Fine Arts Saidye Bronfman Centre. Jou Lee constructions intersect multiple geometric shapes: circular arc, triangle, square and broken lines. Isolated or entangled forms are then surviving a battle where art is the battlefield. Thus, the visions in her paintings are so many attempts to reduce the space-time and reconstruct the past, present and future there.

Geometric art

“Born in Korea, Hyun Jou Lee is very early attracted to the arts. After studies related to this discipline in her native country, she came to Montreal in 1994. For over fifteen years now, her work is characterized throughout Canada and even beyond.

Her paintings are non-figurative with strong footprints on reality, although it remains lurking. Her approach is characterized by space. Fundamental in her approach. Her way to build is special to her, as if she was telling a story … that of feelings, impressions … Her games with the material in the context with as much ingenuity, where textures and collages bring to life a suggestive world as rich as dense. ” Robert Bernier

Works by Jou Lee can be found in many galleries and in private and commercial collections in Canada, South Korea, the United States, France and Great Britain.


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